Homeowners want to renovate, buy vacation homes, add swimming pools, fund college educations, and consolidate debt. I can build a comprehensive game plan and target your goals precisely. Contact me to determine your home's worth and to discuss how much "cash out" is possible.

Why refinance?

  • The adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) you got 3-5 years ago is ready to adjust.
  • You want to roll your home equity line into a fixed product.
  • Improvements: You've decided to stay in your home, add on, upgrade or make repairs.
  • College: Refinancing with cash out might make sense to cover 4 years of tuition.
  • Your credit profile has improved: tenure in job, income level, payment history, equity%.
  • Investments: You want capital for a second home, rental or retirement home.

Chuck Olmsted Mortgages
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